• New Transport

    New transport

    Newly designed truck and trailer with climate controlled equipment for transit. New system allows the animal to be transported in a heated and/or cooled environment.

  • Trainer

    Trainer working

    Trainer is working to get the elephant familiarized with the transport crate.

  • Crane

    Crane Lift

    A crane is used to load the crate onto a semi for transport.

  • On Our Way

    On Our Way

    Semi loaded and traveling down the road with two crates.

  • Bull Crate

    Bull Crate

    The bull crate being craned into place.

    Crane operators lift, move, position and place the elephant crates precisely, with a strong emphasis on elephant safety and comfort.

  • Loading

    Loading onto the plane

    The Elephant crate is safely and efficiently loaded onto the plane.

  • Crate tied

    Preparing Crate on Plane

    The loaded crate is ready to be tied down for the journey.

  • Crate Tied

    Crate Tied Down

    The crate is tied down inside the plane cargo area.

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